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Flight Dove X (FDOVEX) is a digital currency token based on decentralized Blockchain technology. 🕊 FDOVEX built within the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.

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🕊 Easy Token Integration

Our FDOVEX needs cereals to be able to grow and become big. Cereals will be used for any FDOVEX ecosystem, such as a Trading bot, NFT Marketplace, etc. Just include the FDOVEX smart contract for easy token integration.

🕊 Token Contracts

Smart contracts are code that runs on a blockchain designed for specific apps or services. That allows you to leverage the fast and secure blockchain.

🕊 Decentralized

Blockchain technology is most simply defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. And the data on a blockchain is unable to be modified.

A compelling value proposition.

Flight Dove X (FDOVEX) is a digital currency token based on Blockchain technology, a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset.

🕊 FDOVEX is developed on MRC20 Token, allowing you to leverage the fast and secure Polygon (MATIC) blockchain and run any apps with the cheapest gas fees.

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Flight Dove X (FDOVEX) total supply is 1 Trillion tokens.

Token Name Flight Dove X
Token Symbol FDOVEX
Token Decimal 8
Token Network Polygon - MATIC (MRC20)
Smart Contract 0xfa2af15853d4c7897fa455962787956be749d8c4
Token Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000 FDOVEX
Marketplace 600,000,000,000 (60%)
Marketing 200,000,000,000 (20%)
Development 100,000,000,000 (10%)
Social 50,000,000,000 (5%)
Volunteer 50,000,000,000 (5%)
  • 1,000,000,000,000

🕊 FDOVEX Roadmap

This is our future journey big picture.

Q2 2021

Official Website, Twitter, Telegram Channel, Telegram Group, Airdrop Telegram Bot, Roadmap. Deploy OLD FDOVE BEP20 Smart Contract, PancakeSwap Fair Launch, Lock Liquidity, Whitepaper, Aggressive Marketing, Audit.

Q3 - Q4 2021

BNB claim will start "Hold Old FDOVE to collect BNB reward", Old FDOVE Staking (Postponed), NFT Marketplace (Postponed), Old FDOVE Trading bot (Postponed).

"We apologize for the old project delay because Bitcoin is unstable and there is no activity so far."

Q1 2022

There are offers from middle east investors that want to take over this token, and we as the old FDOVE team keep considering it.

Q2 2022

For a better future with the old FDOVE token, we decided to give the opportunity to the new team appointed by the middle eastern investor to continue this token project by migrating to the new FDOVEX.

Q3 2022

New Official FDOVEX Website, New Roadmap, New Whitepaper, Deploy New FDOVEX MRC20 Contract, QuickSwap Launch, Lock Liquidity, Lock Tokens, Migration from old FDOVE tokens to new FDOVEX tokens 1000:1.

Q4 2022

Old FDOVE BNB reward project (Closed!), Old FDOVE Staking (Canceled!), Old FDOVE NFT Marketplace (Canceled!), FDOVEX self trading launched at Otodox By Dogeautobot, FDOVEX Contract Audit.

Q4 2022

Aggressive marketing to accelerate FDOVEX chart candles up.

Q1 2023

Massive marketing and Early years Flight Dove X (FDOVEX) dev meetings.

FDOVEX Ecosystem (Partnership Apps)

We choose FDOVEX listed at OTODOX By Doge Autobot because OTODOX app is already live since early 2020 and have more than 10k active users on Play Store.

  • 24 hours non-stop auto trading
  • Trading transactions per 200 milisecond
  • Realtime trading transactions result
  • Trading features are very easy to understand
  • Secure profits with the auto withdraw feature